How Aluminum Soffit and Fascia Protects Your Home

Soffit and fascia is necessary for each and every home. However, what exactly is soffit and fascia? Fascia is an important structural component of your home that is installed when your roof is being built and is positioned below your gutter system and faces outward as the name suggests. This fundamental structure on your home requires protecting, and that’s where Deltona Aluminum comes in. On top of your existing fascia, Deltona Aluminum installs pre-painted, lightweight, and durable aluminum fascia that requires minimal maintenance. This aluminum fascia also protects the fascia board underneath and helps prevent rot from the rain and strong winds.

Directly below and behind the fascia on your home is what is referred to as the soffit. Soffit is underneath the roof and is visible when you look up. The purpose of soffit is to keep unsightly trusses and wood decking out of view. Additionally, soffit also protects from wildlife making its home in your rooftop and attic. Deltona Aluminum’s soffit features vents to allow circulation into your attic area, allowing cool air into your attic area and out through a ridge vent that the roofer has already installed in your home’s roof. 

Deltona Aluminum provides high-quality, long-lasting aluminum products and outstanding customer service to help enhance the natural beauty of your home. Whether you are looking for new soffit and fascia or looking for repairs to be done, Deltona Aluminum is here to help. Schedule a free estimate today by clicking here.