Can I Paint Vinyl Siding?

Vinyl siding is a product that is dyed the color of your choice before it’s installed. Deltona Aluminum installs vinyl siding, so we are often asked “can you paint vinyl siding?”

This is usually asked when someone is worried about the fading of vinyl siding years down the road and needs to paint it or they’re getting a quote to re-install siding because they don’t want to paint it (or it was damaged from being painted).

So can you paint vinyl siding? The answer is yes – but there is a specific process.


Order Vinyl-Safe Paint

For a long time, you could NOT paint vinyl siding. The material didn’t bond well with the paint, so the paint cracked or the paint was dark and caused the vinyl siding to heat up too much. Heating the vinyl siding too much will cause it to warp. So if you see those houses with vinyl siding and it looks wavy or bubbly, that’s often the reason.

Although, paint has evolved over the years and they do make vinyl-safe paint. The bonding works and lasts a decent while (specified by the paint manufacturer) and there is a way to keep it from overheating – WHICH IS WHAT YOU NEED TO LISTEN TO.


Order Vinyl-Safe Colors

If you find yourself ordering paint for your vinyl siding, make sure to choose a lighter tone color. Don’t choose dark colors. But in addition to that, you need to request that they mix the paint with vinyl-safe colors. These colors are mixed differently to prevent overheating. Your siding will likely warp if you do not do this – even if you’re painting it a lighter color.


Benefits of Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding will last you a long while – saving you several repaints you would have to have on wood or cement siding. We can also discuss the many types of products and options so you can worry a little less about whether or not you can paint the vinyl or not – such as a lifetime manufacture warranty. Feel free to request an estimate so we can do that for you.