Why does our motto say “Serving Jesus Christ and you for over 30 years.”

Some people ask us about our motto, such as “Why do you say you’ve been serving Jesus Christ and us? Aren’t you just an aluminum construction company?

Yes – we are an aluminum construction company serving the West Volusia County area. But behind that company are two people who need Jesus.  Here’s our story about that:

When Thomas Mueller first began Deltona Aluminum, he had also recently given his life to the Lord. When he gave his life to the Lord, he devoted his life to share in Christ’s kingdom, meaning everything he would do, he would do unto the Lord. In doing so, the quality and service of work must be as if he were serving himself, following the commandment to “love your neighbor as yourself.”

This is our simple way of saying “we’re here to serve you to the best of our ability.” God gave the Mueller family many talents in caring about details and taking pride in our work, which is why we’re very happy that the business is being carried by a second-generation through Gabriel Mueller.

This business of ours is to put food on our table and provide for our families, but our lives are dedicated to caring for each person with the same love and compassion that Christ showed us, and we have been doing that for over 30 years under His blessing.

Looking to do an aluminum or vinyl project, such as a screen room, window installation or gutters? Feel free to reach out and schedule a free estimate. We are also here to serve you for any screen or aluminum and vinyl-related repairs.