Lightweight and Durable Carports and Awnings

If you are looking for additional protection from the elements during Florida’s intense seasons, Deltona Aluminum can help! Our carports and awnings are ideal for a variety of jobs on or around your property.

Whether you’re looking for added protection for your car, RV, or boat, carports come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit your needs and budget. Our carports are made from lightweight aluminum which allows them to be attractive, durable, and are naturally corrosion resistant.

These structures not only protect against sun damage but also help protect against rain, leaves, and other debris that can cause damage to your car, RV, or boat. Additionally, our carports can be modified and used to create a variety of patio covers for the same purpose. When it comes to awnings to protect your windows and provide shade protection, Deltona Aluminum offers them in both clamshell awnings and seashell awnings.

Clamshell awnings feature an adjustable arm so you can control how much sun comes through your windows, while sea-view awnings feature see-through horizontal slats that assist with filtering out harsh sunlight.

Both of these awnings help keep harsh and direct rays out while still allowing natural sunlight to filter in. Deltona Aluminum provides high-quality, long-lasting aluminum products and outstanding customer service to help enhance the natural beauty of your home. Whether you are looking for a carport to protect your vehicle or lightweight awnings for your windows, Deltona Aluminum is here to help make your project a reality. Schedule a free estimate today by clicking here.