How Storm Panels Protect Your Home From Damage

When hurricane season hits, storm panels are a great and more professional alternative to plywood boarding when it comes to protecting your home and don’t require nearly as much time to set up. Made of lightweight aluminum, removable storm panels are quick and easy to install and remove at a moments notice.

Aluminum storm panels provide ample protection from high gusts of wind and debris that may otherwise break your home’s windows. When the storm has passed and the hurricane has ended, aluminum storm panels are quickly and easily removed and simple to store in your garage. In addition to aluminum panels, clear panels are another great alternative that allow some visibility and allow light into your home while providing the same level of protection as traditional aluminum panels.

Having storm panels installed on your home may also give you a break when it comes to your insurance as it provides extra protection over all glazed openings. Be sure to ask your insurance provider on savings you could potentially receive when you install storm panels.

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