Enjoy the Outdoors With An Aluminum Screen Enclosure

Looking for a convenient way to enjoy the sunny Florida weather all year long? Even if you’ve only lived in Florida for a short period of time, you’ve most definitely noticed screen rooms located on the back of homes and enclosures overtop of swimming pools.

Screen enclosures are a fantastic way to enjoy the weather and protect your pool from having to deal with the hassle of debris such as leaves and twigs. That means you’ll spend less time scooping leaves out of the pool and sweeping up the patio area! Not only that, but a properly installed screen room will also keep insects out, meaning you can enjoy your patio or pool area at any time of the day.

Built with lightweight and naturally corrosion resistant aluminum, screen rooms are a durable way to add additional usable space to your home. Due to their custom build, screen rooms can be easily customized to suit the size and feel of your home. Kick back this summer and enjoy the outdoors with your family and friends with a patio or pool screen room by Deltona Aluminum.

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