Enhancing Your Outdoor Patio With A Durable Screen Room

Screen rooms here in Florida are a fantastic and functional way to enjoy the outdoors while protecting your patio, deck, or pool area from debris and insects from entering. Allowing the breeze to pass through, screen rooms do not require the same requirements as a full-blown Florida room and are a fantastic alternative to creating an affordable and enjoyable outdoor area and addition to your home.Due to their versatile nature, screen rooms can be customized to fit your needs and vision for your home in a style that compliments your existing home and property.

Durable and Lightweight

Built on durable yet lightweight and corrosion resistant aluminum framing, screen rooms provide an excellent way to convert a patio or pool area into something more livable and comfortable to sit back and relax.

Goodbye to Bugs and Debris

Bugs and larger debris such as leaves stand no chance against a well-constructed screen room that uses high-quality and lasting materials. Lower the time you spend outside sweeping up debris after a storm and enjoy your screen room at any time of the day without pesky insects bothering you and your family. 

Deltona Aluminum provides high-quality, long-lasting aluminum products and outstanding customer service to help enhance the natural beauty of your home. Whether you’re looking to cover a patio or deck area or a pool cage structure to enjoy the summer without the hassle of insects and debris, Deltona Aluminum is here to help make it right. Schedule a free estimate today by clicking here.